Looking to create a focal point that attracts attention to your community’s lakes? We offer a complete line of lake fountains designed to enhance the beauty of your waterway. Fountains also play an important role in improving water quality through aeration. Our systems range in size from one horsepower to custom designed units of fifty horsepower with computer controlled, color Рchanging LED lighting. All of our models include specialty underwater lighting built to provide maximum effect for your water feature. Let our trained professionals customize and install the perfect fountain for your lake.


A well designed bottom diffused aeration system will significantly improve your lakes water quality. Better water quality means: clearer water, less potential for fish kills, reduced algae growth, decreased bottom muck accumulation and diminished odors. Proper aeration of a water body will also increase the effectiveness of our nutrient and sludge digesting bacteria products. Please contact us to learn more about this new, environmentally friendly method to restore lakes and help maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem.